Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen


ComplexToy is a blog about Video Games, it is a combination of responses and arguments on the design and production of games within the triple-A and the indie industry.

I'm not going to pretend to be the next anyone big, I'm simply going to put out the views I have as a designer that haven't yet (to my knowledge) been represented within the industry's popular media. I'm not going to promise anything weekly or anywhere near that active simply because I have larger responsibilities and I'm not going to put up anything other then the best I can intellectually produce for this channel and blog. This is as much a space for me to voice my thoughts as it is for me to collect them and actively take steps to be more active within an industry and community that means so much much to me, and that I have ignorantly thought I knew so much about. This is a project to force myself to actively research and participate in the industry to better prepare myself for a career of sorts someday.


Now besides each post having a title I'm going to put an indicator in the post's title to give you a better idea how I'm treating the topic, the length I'm going into and just a little of what to expect from the post.

You're going to see three kinds of posts.

Development- which will include personal commentary and advice on the process and development on game creation/ business and industry practice, tutorials and reviews of game creation tools (game making programs/ image editing programs/ music makers/ educational materials/ ect.),

Critique- Either a game or game culture thing that I look at and feel like commenting on. Let's plays, reviews, and the like.

Article- Either a link to a published article or a commentary on a topic of games as design, medium, art, storytelling, or culture that warranted a substantial response.