Saturday, November 16, 2013

DeconstructionCraft #2

Alright, here's to completing a second. I'm still new and getting the hang of this, "actual writing" thing but I think I'm improving. Slowly but surely. My second contribution to DeconstructionCraft, here I discuss the multifaceted discussion of the interpersonal and social identification that surrounds the label of "Gamer". What defines a gamer and how do we see and treat this label in our culture.. Geh, honestly there is so much that could go into this, the gang at NextLevel could basically write a book all about the label "Gamer". I just brush over theories; Sumner's theory of in group favoritism, Bulter's performance theory, Watt's on personal identity, and Hume's philosophy of taste, which is where my thesis is. If you're interested give it a look, if you don't like what I have to say, next week part two written by my cohort Kevin will go up to show a different perspective on the topic ^^.. That's really what I like about this project, we both kinda have a tendency to over-think things :P When we do our research it's fun to see the two trains of thought branching from the same topic.