Thursday, March 21, 2013


So I almost forgot. I did a bit on theory of translation between games and film. Here is dat.

Hi there. I do things

Ya know, I really do want to keep getting my posts up here. I do. I have a few half done in the drafts that I chip away at every so often. But really there's this other thing I contribute to which is a little more important.. because it's for school and not just fun. 

Here, this is KineCritical.

Our facebook page gets some super interesting posts. 

We're also on our school/internet radio and do podcast about film news and other fun cinema related things.... sometimes we talk a ton of superheros and games... We get distracted. All good stuff though. So watch the Facebook page and we'll let you know when we're live.

And we also have a twitter; encase that's what your into. 

So yeah, on top of the standard student load I do dat, so if whatever Netizens that find there way here feel discouraged by activity and would like to see more of my thoughts (mostly half baked drool) then just comment or send me a message and I will find the time and put something out just for you! Seriously though I will. There is nothing more rewarding then someone enjoying your work.

P.S. I am actually very regularly working on a game related project with a number of  wonderful talented like minded individuals when it comes to games/game theory. 
(this is how I justify sneaking this in) 
And once completed you will be the first to know. ^^