Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Rouge Type devlog 3.0 map is mazing but arrows arn't blazing

Wanted to give a quick update, learned alot following the farming tutorial, enough to get the first room started and mess with playtesting.

(great tutorial series, rather advanced for my level but still really easy to follow)

So, essentially I have followed this two part tutorial series, and a working randomized room. What I need to figure out now is how to make the randomize controller place enemies and other objects about the room, like exits and chests.

I'm not totally clear how I can plug in more random spawns in the room rn, so before I have a working project get stuck between another rock and a hard place I'm going to work on the bow and arrow mechanics. If I get  the particle drop on the arrows and then the inventory segments of the bow mechanics done I'll either explore the tile system again and see if I can get more items to load, if not I'll look at messing with the arrow physics. I still hope to have at least a rebound effect in the first open build, also being able to recover arrows would be very cool as well.