Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Rouge Type devlog 3.0 map is mazing but arrows arn't blazing

Wanted to give a quick update, learned alot following the farming tutorial, enough to get the first room started and mess with playtesting.

(great tutorial series, rather advanced for my level but still really easy to follow)

So, essentially I have followed this two part tutorial series, and a working randomized room. What I need to figure out now is how to make the randomize controller place enemies and other objects about the room, like exits and chests.

I'm not totally clear how I can plug in more random spawns in the room rn, so before I have a working project get stuck between another rock and a hard place I'm going to work on the bow and arrow mechanics. If I get  the particle drop on the arrows and then the inventory segments of the bow mechanics done I'll either explore the tile system again and see if I can get more items to load, if not I'll look at messing with the arrow physics. I still hope to have at least a rebound effect in the first open build, also being able to recover arrows would be very cool as well. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Rouge Type dev log Entry 2.5 Bow problems

Not a full update, just decided to organize my tutorial references for easier access. Plus having them here means someone besides me might find the resources they need.

Making a bow and arrow in an top down view posed a large challenge then just skewing the ratio and visual illusion, mostly because I haven't seen a tutorial that is tooled to incorporate all three; top down perspective, bow with charging shots, and a projectile motion. But I can throw them in a blender and see what happens; so what I'll want to do is figure my features and what I want the end product to happen and do the simplest version. Here is what I'm thinking.

1. Inventory compatible, ought be able to switch too your bow from unequipped and switch through arrow types easily. Easy version is just an inventory, bow equipped (y/n) and are there arrows(y/n)?

2. Aim to mouse point, the arrow ought be able to be shot in full 360 degree range; that's above, below, and at the level of the player character, this means a toggled 3 layer ray casting system that works together. Easy version is just a ray coming out from the player character and if there is a target in range maybe the player "locks-on" or something.

3. Charged projectile, player should be able to "charge up" their shots, and arrows should go farther with less projectile drop or ricochet dependent on how charged the shot was. 

See how these squares move about on a 2d world... and their arrows also look very 2d and make the world feel flat. I don't want that, I don't think I have to do it like that.

4. Projectile DROP
I've tested nothing with arrow drop yet, but here's a different one in case I don't like that other one. 

Okay, now I have that out of my system, back to the grind.