Thursday, October 22, 2015

progress/personal update

I don't know why precisely, but I feel compelled to write one of those updates that happens for regular blogs. I don't expect it to have the same effect, I mean, those are active social spaces where this is more a passing space. Like an empty billboard on a country highway that the occasional commuter glances at in case of a new advertisement. So I will keep it brief.

So, for those curious souls, I am still alive. I am still "working" on my game. More so I'm working on my two jobs and majors, but I break out the scribbles on the algorithm every now and again. Don't do anything with them to be honest, but I look at them. My efforts are in my grades and fixing my financial setting, I have plans to help finagle that where I'll possibly only need one job. But the logistics are still out on that one. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll work out and I'll be financed to extend my education and better round the knowledge set I want, first for my field... and, well second for this unhealthy game design addiction I have. But in the short term I've made some investments in classes for my other addiction hobby that could potentially provide another avenue of return.

For theatrical effect I'll leave that secondary hobby a mystery until I can get a nice collection of photos to display my work. But to give an idea of this as compared to game production, where I've been working on my production knowledge and skill set since I was 18 and didn't get so much as a potentially paying gig until I was 20 (which ultimately fell through); I started this hobby about a year ago and was offered payment for my (absolutely awful) work within two days. I have yet to sell a piece, but that's only because I first refused to sell a piece when I wasn't sure of it's quality, and in another instance when there was a disagreement over pricing and interest broke down. It's like many specialized art fields, where interest is primarily from novelty and less occasionally from an understanding/appreciation of the skill set. Requests come easy without understanding of the cost or man-hours, and the serious requests take networking and years of experience to build. The potential for (relatively) quick return is there, but the potential for fair return is few and far between for people new to the scene.(and no I'm not talking about porn) And that is why the classes, first to expand my skill set and clean up the quality of my work and secondly to provide some qualifications for the self-taught image my work comes with.  

So that is the production side of things. Stressed and crowded but promising.
A short digression; on a personal level, I want to say that the position I'm in, despite all obstacles, is better then it's been in longer then I care to admit. For all the possible setbacks and work on my plate, I'm still feeling ready to take on the world, and I look forward to the coming year and all it's challenges and lessons.