Monday, August 18, 2014

End of summer and prepping for my first project

It's Beginning
As anyone whose stumbled upon my writing, either at a glance or gave it an honest read, might have picked up I write alot; unfortunately I don't do this alot. Whenever I can get myself to put things on the internet it's only because I've convinced myself it will be of some use to someone else; my goal this semester is to finish drawing and coding a proof of concept segment for a game, sort of a playable tease trailer that as far as I can foresee might end up being an opening level. I plan on recording every step of my journey, from my continued stumbling ignorance to basic grasp, and highlight every flash of clarity I've come across as it might help another.

What to expect
Because of my lack of experience in actual coding or art, a bulk of these early posts are going to be on writing, both my history and the exercises and resources that have lead me to the familiarity with story and writing I've come to appreciate.

Why didn't this happen before?
Mostly because of my misunderstandings with self motivation and timing. Example, loading yourself up with work with the hope that the pressure of responsibility will keep the gears turning isn't clear thinking. Also full school and work load do not lend themselves to freetime, and a lack of familiarity with genre do not lend itself to good first project designs.

Why Now?
My schedule has more time in it, but also I've figured out what I want to make. I'm taking one of my ideas out of the sketchbook and going to lay it out on the workbench, Ags is a strong versatile tool and it's time we become seriously acquainted. I'm dusting off an old story I realized would translate well. My next post will be a breakdown of how I believe story and plot translate to the genre elements we find inherent in the point and click game.