Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Oh lord.. That was painful. 

Alright, so DeconstructionCraft is the Bi-weekly column I'm contributing to, and that first argument was a pain. Not just because it covers philosophy of language, and philosophy is something I have limited experience in, or because Wittgenstein is both difficult to grasp and brilliant, and therefor hard to argue.. But because I both procrastinated and had little expertise with the site... last minute finding banners and stuff is irritating. 

 That's all good though, best way to learn. I've gotten one of the most difficult ones checked off the list. What defines a Game. I feel like that should be etched in gold on a varnished board someplace for any game culture journalist when they really dig into the philosophy of that question. Because games really don't exist you know... same with art.. or stories.. They're just made up. Here's my post if you're interested.