Sunday, August 7, 2016

Life update summer of 2016

I try to do these every so often whenever I've been off development or just having posted anything for a while. Just to give a bit of a heads up, show anyone I'm still alive, and haven't abandoned game development.

Last I posted I was working two jobs and trying to make some money on the side with projects, that's not changed at all. But I'm farther along with those projects and future proofing production. Some are definitely starting to show promise.

On the more "life" side of things in the life update. I'm still in school... seriously considering changing one of my majors.. which.. would help me in literally everything I want to do outside of academics, this game development/my side projects/ writing, ect. as well as make my academics something I might want to pursue as far as a career, but we'll see what that means with my timeline for graduation. But whatever, I work enough to cover school and don't exactly have much in the way of bills, which is good because after school and car and gas I never have much in the way of funds. I bought a more powerful pc.. but quickly broke it, and it'll need repairs.. but I can't afford that right now considering car repairs sucking up that chunk of change. But my laptop is still kicking, and I have projects that don't require anything fancy that I'm working on, it's all just up to me to learn code and room/puzzle design. I have a goal of one game this year. We'll see how that goes. 

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