Friday, March 1, 2019

Rouge Type One

My understanding of GameMaker, is rudimentary at best, so I am happily resigned to simply following tutorials to make my little projects and the games I imagine. If the reader has found this blog hoping for tutelage, abandon all hope. I will at most relay the reader to the tutorial I have used, and give example of what I have used it for via my own work. This blog is my project journal for what I hope to be a portfolio piece, using only code from tutorials, to exhibit my own musings on design, game feel, and level design.

I have Obj_Player in a step event coded movement,

MySpeed = 300/room_speed

    if keyboard_check(ord("W")) {
        y = y - MySpeed
    if keyboard_check(ord("S")) {
        y = y + MySpeed
    if keyboard_check(ord("A")) {
        x = x - MySpeed
    if keyboard_check(ord("D")) {
        x = x + MySpeed

As learned from Tom Francis's Make a Game With No Experience youtube tutorial series, I'm linking movement to room speed so the movement can be easily edited from a single point in the code rather than changing the number of pixels moved for each W, A, S, D. Also linking movement to the MySpeed variable I should be able to link in later additions like power-ups or if I find it not toooo difficult things like mounts. What I'm trying to figure out now is something similar to a jump, however I might be able to simulate a Z axis while keeping the WASD movement.

More often the Z axis is simulated by a trick of layering, where and when the player character is drawn on-top or underneath other sprites in the environment, imagine if you will a glowing sphere. If the sphere is shown in a top down level moving ontop of high grass, it would be imagined to be at some height above the ground, floating, similar to maybe a fairy or firefly. But if the grass is drawn ontop, suddenly the same movement appears to be low to the ground, like some sort of glowing rat in the underbrush. Similar, if we had trouble making rodents or spiders or some ground enemy appearing as if they were not floating around midsection when they come to attack the player character, having them drawn behind the trees and underbrush, as well as having them trigger a rustle of the brush when they move past it would give them a very "grounded" feel, and would also give the world a very present feeling.

My issue is making a sense of gravity in a game view that typically has the player character locked to the ground unless there is a ladder, or a chest high wall to jump over, or whatever might trigger a climb animation. 

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