Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Entry 1285943

Dear Public Diary.

Progress on the forge/game have been slow, but promising.

The forge's new burners are up and running, though they are going to double my fuel cost, I should be reaching welding temperatures; ran out of gas before I got to run them long enough to bring it up to heat.

On the game front I'm shuffling hardware around so I can Frankenstein myself something entirely out of tutorials. The specific seasonal/environmental change feature I was hoping for I found in a tutorial on a farming sim that also has customization outfits and crafting, two other features that I wanted as a stretch goal, three birds with the same stone. I'm not sure but it feels I won't be happy with the movement until there is some kind of lock-on mechanic. A second mode for the camera that could bounces between targets.

I've decided on the separate control system for the riding/mounted play, something more akin to a tank sort of movement but where footing and terrain effect the speed and control of the direction of the player. Make it feel more like you're riding a jumping segway as compared to a motorcycle as most horse riding mechanics in games seem these days. Where the movement of the animal is a set distance above the ground and speed is consistent like a dirt bike driving over a polygon universe that has the wild west painted just above the surface. Making things like puddles and tall grass and other stuff into variables of the player avatar and avatar pet/mount would make strategic playing, like retreating into the thick woods, possible. Second varied distance from the ground, if the avatar feels like it never leaves the ground it feels like moving in a wheel, but when the walking and or running animations and sounds are done just right it feels good to go fast to dart about, I'm not one for utter realism, but I find gameplay loops feels more intuitive and satisfying. This will take testing.

Big read is too old but my newest computer can handle GameMaker Studio 2.0, now just re-install game maker and to code it all.

For the forge just means a new tank of fuel, I'll be putting photos of the knives I plan on submitting to the fair.

Until then, Good Night Internet.

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