Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jam Log No.2

Alright, I think I'll do these once a night, show something recorded from the morning and then what I have before I go to bed.

I got the vacuum weapon working, mostly. It pulls the player forward and I've tweaked the enemy's shrinking so that looks right. I haven't figured.. or tried yet to have the "bullets" destroy themselves after a certain distance, but that will be after I work out this cycling problem.

I worked in the cycling system from this tutorial with minor alterations. The primary being that I put the code for the player object in a Step event instead of a Create event, the youtuber said this would mean whenever the player switched guns any amo on the field would change as well,  I didn't have this problem, the amo stayed the same. What did happen though was the weapon specifics were connected with the wrong weapon. And I'm stumped how this happened, it appeared to have been working when I had four weapons, but when I switched back to the planned 2 (remembering my habit of biting more I can chew) the specifics of knockback (or in the case of the vacuum suckforward) and the type of bullets that came out was switched.. without any discrepancy in the variable naming as far as I can see.. which is weird because I have it labeled so simply. Now this in itself isn't a problem I would just figure I have something in the Hud Object listed wrong so it pulls up the string differently or.. whatever. I could just rename them. But what's really the problem is if I switch to the other while there are still bullets onscreen it seems to massively tax the computer. The game freezes.. so... I'm going to have to delete a bunch tomorrow, back to the start where I just have the vacuum working.

There is more then one way to skin a cat, and if this way freezes up the game it's got to go. I've got other tutorials for the same feature opened in tabs and I'll give them a shot tomorrow, at the very least I'll get enough of an idea of how to deal with global variables and strings that I'll be able to figure it myself, and if not that, then I guess the game doesn't need multiple guns. Plan tomorrow is to strip the game back to it's working version and finish working on that boss character. I have two related monsters and I'd be tickled pink if I could get them to connect the way I want, a variation on your basic big guy explodes into small guys. And if that doesn't work it's onto plan B, or I guess it's C, with the monsters and focus on these weapons, with a new stretch of QTE finishers.

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