Monday, January 11, 2016

Jam Log No.5

Wish you could hear the ricochet sound effects.

Using for all the sounds.

Camera implemented and basic bullet collision. What you don't notice is the character can actually walk through the walls at this point, just threw this in for visual markers of movement so i could tweak the camera code/player speed/ and view specifics until I was happy with it. Right now I'm attempting to code the enemies attacks/A.i. 

Realized I need to do this before I start working on the graphics. I do have a basic image for the aliens... but I remembered how I'll fall into this trap of making a hundred or so sprites before even having the code working, and I refuse to fall into that trap again. I'm by no means a professional artist and by no means have that conviction to let go of that "perfectionist" drive and complete the work. I had the problem back when I was studying graphic design, and I still have it turning in papers. Some day I'll learn it.. But the code is what the people experience in the end, and as a Game Jam much isn't expected of me in the way of either. I know given the time I can decent work with sprites, but I don't know I can complete coding the game as designed. That's my main milestone.. I don't have to implement all the levels, if it ends up just being a big courtyard with spawning blocks I'll still be happy, as long as they spawn and move the way they're suppose to. This post will go up in multiple parts, I'll add onto this post as progress/issues crop up, this is just an update to show despite my loss of progress to scheduling, I'm still in this. Five days to go guys.

Update 2

For some reason, the big enemy is invisible..

started brainstorming the aliens, like the color scheme, especially around the head, but not happy about the body shape yet. will need to work out more silhouettes. 

Welp... the big enemies are still invisible, somewhere in my order of events the mind of the invisible monster destroys itself. Before I thought it was just invisible like when originally spawned, but the small hive mind of monsters that come out of it don't return... which, thinking of it now might be because I don't have something to in there to turn off their focus on the player.. brb. Whatever, that's still not working. Point being, I won't know if these is happening just right until I can see it interacting. I have to admit thought, I like how the code ended up having these guys converge towards the player, their movements are awkward as they fumble around each other trying to get closer to the player. I'll be fun to detail everything with nice animations and sound effects when all of this is done.

Wowza, that was an easy fix.. apparently... I had the little "visible" button for the big-enemy object unclicked.. don't know how that happened. 

Anywho now I can see what the problem is, first, the little mobs that come out of the biggie don't seem to be triggering their return, second the biggie is able to send out multiple waves, which isn't suppose to happen... not a bad idea though. This all needs some serious ironing. But it's getting closer to something that looks like a game.

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