Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jam Log No.3

Where we left off.

Shrinking enemies and "vacuum" weapon

I would include more but what I have now is incomplete and doesn't work yet. I'm in process of phasing out the vacuum and all my other sucking and gun related code for this newer system that allows the weapon switch. Maybe when I complete this new thing I'll be able to work it back under the new framework, maybe not. It's to early to tell. 

Today wasn't as productive as I hoped, but I think I'm still on schedule. After tomorrow I should have the shooty situation figured out and then it's on to coding in the enemies and working out the animation code (combining this set with that action ect)

For now, I'm going to take a moment to grieve a loss.
Vacuum gun Mark1. You were fun while you were with us, gone but not forgotten. Lost along the trail so many ideas have ventured with their makers. While you might not make it with us to the end of this game jam, we will carry you with us in spirit. We'll see you in another life perhaps.

Until tomorrow, where maybe after work I can finish this and have something to show you all, I realized I haven't given much of the premise here. 

So here is  a link tomy DevLog on the Itchio page for this jam, check out the other indie's there while you're at it, they have neat stuff, and they actually update it.

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